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Read about diabetic foot management by Dr Nikhil Varge
KEEP A CHECK ON DIABETES COMPLICATIONS 1.Blood pressure check: regularly 2.Lipid profile check: once every six months 3.Body mass index: regularly 4.Kidney and Liver function test: once every six months 5.Eye & Foot check-up: annually Dr.Nikhil Varge-MD(Medicine)
BENEFITS OF MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY 1.Speedier recovery: As there is minimal handling of internal organs as opposed to open surgery. 2.Less post-operative pain & discomfort 3.Fewer complications like infections, adhesions 4.Lesser scarring 5.Shorter hospital stay Dr. Roji Philip is a general/Laparoscopic surgeon at Nanesh Hospital He is the best surgeon for problems like -Hernia, Piles, Diabetic foot infection.Appendicitis, Cancers(oral, stomach, colon, intestine), Varicose veins, Fissure, Fistula , Thyroid swelling & soft tissue swelling(neck, breast, chest, abdomen).He is also a Bariatric Surgeon (weight loss surgery)