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BENEFITS OF MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY 1.Speedier recovery: As there is minimal handling of internal organs as opposed to open surgery. 2.Less post-operative pain & discomfort 3.Fewer complications like infections, adhesions 4.Lesser scarring 5.Shorter hospital stay Dr. Roji Philip is a general/Laparoscopic surgeon at Nanesh Hospital He is the best surgeon for problems like -Hernia, Piles, Diabetic foot infection.Appendicitis, Cancers(oral, stomach, colon, intestine), Varicose veins, Fissure, Fistula , Thyroid swelling & soft tissue swelling(neck, breast, chest, abdomen).He is also a Bariatric Surgeon (weight loss surgery)
Acharya Shri Nanesh Hospital is organizing free Neurology health check-up camp on Sunday, 14TH April 2019 FROM 10 AM TO 1 PM. Dr. Jayendra Yadav is one of the Best Neurologist in Navi Mumbai. He will be providing Free consultation to patients suffering from various Neurological conditions Like MIGRAINE STROKE EPILEPSY DEMENTIA NEURO INFECTION and all other NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS