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Dialysis Centre

Dialysis is a type of treatment for patients with kidney failure resulted due to kidney disease. Dialysis is a procedure of removing excess water and blood from the body, simulating the work of the kidney. Our expertise, experience and commitment all combine to provide you with comprehensive services and technologically-advanced care to people living with kidney disease. We have an acute dialysis centre at Acharya Shri Nanesh Hospital for patients with acute kidney failure and for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure who may have specialist requirements. The acute dialysis unit at the Acharya Shri Nanesh Hospital offers out-patient treatment for people with chronic kidney failure, co-morbidities or potentially unstable dialysis. As an out-patient you can visit us for dialysis sessions at the unit rather than staying in hospital. The acute dialysis unit also provides dialysis services for all in-patients at the Acharya Shri Nanesh Hospital who are admitted with acute renal failure.



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